Board of Directors & Senior Team

Board of Directors
Christopher King, Chair

Virginia Stanton Smith, Vice Chair

Robert Bogomolny, Treasurer

Raymond T. Kushi, Jr., Assistant Treasurer

Eric Lamoureaux, Corporate Clerk

Dr. Deborah Buccino

Linda G. Conway, Past Chair

Whitney Battle Baptiste

Tim Burke

Shirley Edgerton

Sheila Heffernon

William Levy

Buffy Lord

Carolyn Newberger

Mark Peterman

Carole Siegel

Kenneth Stark

Chair Emeritus
Carl Erickson

Senior Team

Colleen Holmes, President and CEO

Stephanie Steed, Vice President of Programs, Pioneer Valley

Gina Blake, Vice President of Programs, Berkshire County

Janice Biron-Foucher, Chief Operating Officer 

John Cadiz, Director of Human Resources

Gary Doughty, Director of Youth Connection Programs

Erin Sullivan, Vice President of Community  and Donor Relations