By Courtney Clark, Artistic Director The mark of a great team is having not just one or a few people that stand out and contribute to its overall success, but having a team of the most caring, dedicated, and motivated individuals who go above and beyond every day. Not because they have to, but because [...]

Pittsfield Community Connection Challenges Status Quo with New Funding

Pittsfield Community Connection, a program of 18 Degrees, has been awarded nearly $600,000 through the MA Department of Public Health Gun Violence Prevention Program (GVPP).  These funds will expand our work with young people in the City of Pittsfield and explore and challenge existing systems and practices that contribute to youth involvement in criminal or gang-related activities including gun violence. The communities most affected by violence have long histories of [...]

18 Degrees Delivers on our Mission During a Pandemic

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic we have maintained our commitment to our communities, our staff, and mission delivery.  We have operated with these clear goals in mind: keeping services running and accessible to the full extent possible; keeping our staff employed and paid; continuing on our mission, every child in a family, every family in a community, now and for [...]

A Joint Statement from 18 Degrees, Gladys Allen Brigham Center, and Berkshire Family YMCA

While we understand the deep need for the return to the normal routine for many of our community children who enjoy the quality learning environment and comradery of licensed child care, we, 18 Degrees, the Berkshire Family YMCA and the Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center, will not be able to reopen on Monday, June 8. [...]

A Statement from Colleen Holmes, President and CEO on Recent Incidents of Racism

Dear Friends, I am a black woman, the daughter of a black man, wife of a black man, and mother of black sons. I am other things, including President and CEO of 18 Degrees, a social services agency that promotes the well-being and strength of children, adults, and families to build better communities. I mention [...]

Emergency Childcare Site for Essential Workers

With much of the world closed, there are still people who need to go to work – healthcare staff and first responders are the more obvious ones, but think about the sanitation, grocery store, delivery people, and the postal workers.  And where would we be if the telecommunications, IT, and cable folks weren’t able to go [...]