List of Donors

Below is our 2018-2019 donor list.
Please check back in November for our 2019-2020 donor list.
We continue to be thankful for each and every donor, funder, and supporter. You are bringing new beginnings to light for children, youth, and families throughout western Massachusetts.


Josephine & Louise Crane Foundation


Estate of John D R Armstrong
Feigenbaum Foundation
Fuqua Family Fund
The Green Foundation
Greylock Federal Credit Union


Ellen J. Bernstein
Charles H. Hall Foundation
Linda G. Conway
The Estate of Virginia and Robert Coplan
Dean Foundation for Little Children
Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
Iredale Mineral Cosmetics
Susan and David Lombard
Penny and Claudio Pincus
Carol and Irving Smokler
TD Charitable Foundation
Dorothy Altman Weber and Stephen Weber
Linde Family Foundation
Jane and Robert Mayer
Virginia Stanton Smith and Craig Smith


The Barrington Foundation, Inc.
Robert Bogomolny and Janice Toran
Jane Braus
Stewart and Lynn Edelstein
Ursula Ehret Dichter
Huntington Tracy Foundation
James and Robert Hardman Foundation
Margaret P. Stevenson Foundation
Kathleen and Philip McKnight
MountainOne Financial Partners
Pauline Young Music Fund
Perry Fund for Others
The Ruth Krauss Foundation Inc.
W. August Selke
Suite 3


Glenn Allan
Annie Selke Companies
James and Margaret Beauregard
Joan Benjamin and Lawrence Cherkis
Paul and Phyllis Berz
Joan Blair
Nicholas Boraski
Neal Borovitz and Ann Appelbaum
Ed and Marge Bride
Myron Chefetz and Nancy Feldman
Oliver and Cynthia Curme
D’Addario Music Foundation
The Dobbins Foundation
Edwards Church of Northampton
F. B. Heron Foundation
Fred and Nancy Fagelman
James and Patricia Fingeroth
First Congregational Church of Williamstown
Isanne and Sanford Fisher
Francis Investment Consulting Group, Inc.
GE Foundation
Marita and David Glodt
Pim and Pandy Goodbody
Lawrence and Rosemary Harnett
Aaron and Ashley Herr
Interprint, Inc.
Joan and James Hunter
James Powers Testamentary Trust
Eugene and Augusta Leibowitz
Massachusetts Association of Realtors, Inc.
Neenah Inc.
Eric Nelson
Carolyn and Eli Newberger
Mark and Sandra Parent
Ronald and Karen Rettner
Rita J. & Stanley H. Kaplan Family Foundation, Inc.
Donald and Donna Rochelo, in memory of Jason Rochelo
Zelda Schwebel
Betsey and Mark Selkowitz
Shakespeare and Company
Edward and Carla Slomin
Ken Stark
Rebecca and Michael Thompson
Women’s Club of the Berkshires


Susan Abramowitz
Adelson & Company PC
Jean Adelson
Amherst Insurance Agency, Inc.
Keith and Felicia Anzel
Bruce Auerbach and Robin Richman
Austen Riggs Center
Hillel and Liliana Bachrach
Baystate Benefit Services
BBE Office Interiors
Linda J. L. Becker
Bedard Brothers Auto Sales, Inc.
Lee and Sydelle Blatt
Martin and Glenna Bloom
Blue Q
Marcella and Jeffry Bradway
Rachel Branch
Brien Center for Mental Health
Deborah Buccino and Eric Plakun
Gregory Bulger and Richard Dix
Daniel and Carole Burack
Burbank Mediation Services
Christine and David Burbank
Cavallero Plastics Inc.
Cohen & White Associates
Edward Cohen
Phyllis Cohen
Stephen and Lynn Cohen
Mimi Collins
Combined Jewish Philanthropies
Paula Consolini and James Mahon
C. Jeffrey and Judith Cook
Gretchen Court
Douglas Crane
Tim and Susan Crane
Richard Daynard
Eugene Dellea
Discovery School at Four Corners
Donald C. McGraw Foundation/Black Rock Foundation
Chet and Joy Douglass
Roger and Patricia Douillet
Deborah Edson
Edward and Marjorie Levin
John and Janet Egelhofer
George and Ginger Elvin
Thomas and Ellen Ennis
Michael and Kathleen Fabrizio
Joan Ferrante and Carey McIntosh
William and Sandra Flannery
Rose Forman
Ralph and Audrey Friedner
Alexandra Fuchs
Charlotte Gelfand
Susan Gold
Richard and Susan Grausman
Harold Grinspoon and Diane Troderman
Christopher and Maryjean Guidette
Paul and Carmela Haklisch
Sarah Hancock
Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation
Sheila Heffernon and Bill Hattendorf
Hill Engineers, Architects, Planners, Inc.
Anita Houle
Hyman Family Charitable Foundation
Stanley and Rhonda Jacobs
Joseph and Phyllis Jaffe
Charles and Dorothy Jenkins
Martin and Wendy Kaplan
Marvin Kaplan and Alice Jo Siegel
Karen Ketcham
Kimball Farms Residents Association
Christopher and Carolyn King
William and Marilyn Kirby
Jane Klaus
Knights Of Columbus, Amherst Council 1619
Ann Koski
Kushi & Company, PC
Eric and Elisabeth Lamoureaux
Susan LeBourdais
Lee Bank
Marvin and Helaine Lender
Peter Levin – Ignite Philanthropy
William Levy and Karen Kelly
Joyce Linde
Buffy and Scott Lord
MacFarlane Office Products
Main Street Hospitality Group
Jay Marks
Nancy McIntire
Jacqueline and Jaan Metsma
Alan and Alice Model
Mary Mullen and Laurence Oberwager
Mary and Seth Nash
Suzanne Nash
New England Newspapers, Inc.
Patricia North
Northern Building Systems, Inc.
Fred and Elaine Panitz
Jonah Pesner
Peter F. Levin Philanthropic Fund at Interact for Change
J. Mark and Janice Peterman
David and Madeline Phelps
Bert and Letty Pogrebin
Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation
Julie Quain
Bruno and Mary Ann Quinson
David and Nancy Ratner
Paul and Sharon Raverta
Ray Murray, Inc.
Aimee Reische
Restaurant Operator’s Cooperative
Rosamond Rice
Laura Rosenthal
Elizabeth Sapery and Rosita Sarnoff
Leonard Saxe and Marion Gardner-Saxe
Elizabeth Sayman
Anne Schnesel
Charles Schulze and Lucy Holland
Carolyn and Louis Schwartz
Richard and Carol Seltzer
Bernice Shainman
Carole G. Siegel
Hope and Eugene Silverman
Adrienne Silverstein
Spring Street Market
Sheila Stone
John and Janie Strachan
David and Lorna Strassler
C. Randolph and Sheila Thunfors
Albert and Jacqueline Togut
Tory and Susie Hanna
Trinity Church
Ronald and Marilyn Walter
Marian Warden
Raynor and Ranne Warner
Alexandra Warshaw
Arthur and Terry Wasser
Robert and Diane Wespiser
William and Mary Whitman
Anne and Arthur Wichman
Bill Wootters and Adrienne Wooters
Irwin Wrubel
Rita Yohalem
Robert and Karen Youdelman
Michael and Cheryl Zaccaro
Joan and Peter Zegras
Dr. Richard Ziter


Robert and Christiana Abel
Margaret Ackerman
Michael and Courtney Addy
David and Therese Allen
Lawrence and Lorraine Allessio
Amazon Smile Foundation
Joseph and Anne Apkin
Arcadian Shop
Howard and Sue Arkans
Richard Arnold and Ruth Levine Arnold
Grace Arzt
David and Elizabeth Avery
Mark and Christine Baldridge
Deborah Balmuth
William and Elizabeth Barker
Paige Bartels and Nichole Mellow
Yvette Bastow
Marion Batchelder
Whitney Battle-Baptiste
William and Elizabeth Bean
Mary Lou Beaudin
Maria and Clive Beckington
Peter and Mary Anne Belouin
Helene Berger
Berkshire County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association
Berkshire Habitat for Humanity
Thomas and Jen Bernard
John and Melissa Bissell
Andrew and Ruth Bloom
Carolyn and Nelson Bonheim
Sandra Bourgeois
Julie and Norman Boyd
Robert and Carolynne Braun
Andrew and Pamela Breslin
John and Jane Bresnahan
Cheryl Brigley
James Brissette
Laura Broad
Rachel Brod
John and Jytte Brooks
Duncan and Susan Brown
Paul Bruce
Robert and Mary Bry
Jack and Esther Budnick
Pam Burger
C Carlo Hair Express
Café Adam
Mario and Laurel Caluori
Jill Cancellieri
Gene and Justyna Carlson
Robert and Christine Carmel
Mary Jo Carpenter
James and Marietta Cawse
Karen and Gary Cellana
Elaine Charland
Claudine Chavanne
Michael and Mary Cherry
Laurence and Penny Choquette
CIAO-Community Intergenerational Action Orchestra
Michelle Clarkin and Marlene Eichholz
Michael Coakley and Wendy Webster Coakley
Margie Cohan
Mimi and Saul Cohen
Michael and Roberta Cohn
Sean and Debra Connors
Gary and Janet Cookson
Clark Coolidge
Carolyn and William Corby
Thomas Corrigan
Alisa Costa
Stephen and Sandra Cozzaglio
John and Barbara Craig
Crescent Creamery
Nancy and Modestino Criscitiello
Keith and Judy Crouch
Adele Cukor
Patrick Cullen
Dianne Cutillo and Bernard Pinsonnault
Jamie Czarnecki
Peter and Pamela D’Ambrosio
Amy Davidson
W.Adam and Kimberly Davis
James Deane
Catharine Deely
Anthony and Ute DeFarlo
Melanie Desmarais
Attorney Dawn Desnoyers
Thomas Dillon
Janet Donner
Rachel Donner
Margaret Dotchin
Daniel Doyle
William and Janette Dziatko
Shirley Edgerton
Janet Eisenstein
Chip and Cindy Elitzer
Jay Ellis
Walter and Mary Jo Engels
Aaron and Rosa Esman
Michael and Joan Evans
Theodore Evans
Gintare Everett
George and Carolyn Farley
Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier and Dan Bouvier
Marian Faytell
Nancy and Peter Finn
Steffi Fletcher
Joanne Fox
Ellis and Joanna Fribush
Gerard and MaryJane Fromm
Elizabeth Furey
Susan Geller
Everett and Mary Gendler
David and Karen Gengler
James and Virginia Giddens
Judith Glockner
Seena Goldberg
Margery Golin
Paul and Lisa Green
Joel and Carol Greenberg
Richard Greene and Lindsay Crampton
Lenore Greenstein
Dustin and Gale Griffin
Frederick Griffiths
Carol Grossman
Joseph and Jean Guerin
Sherwood and Carol Guernsey
Haddad Dealerships of the Berkshires
Candace Hall
Anthony Hamling
Myrna and Alden Hammerling
Deanna Hannon
Russell and Joyce Hansen
Barbara Hanson
Debbie Harper
Andrea Harrington
Harry and Janice Hartford
Cynthia Hashim
Lorraine Heidemann
Ricki Helfer
James and Portia Henle
Mary Anne and Curtis Hicks
Linda Hill
Ira Hillman
Marjorie Hirsch
Stuart and Susan Hirshfield
Fred and Marcia Hochberg
Ms. Mary Hoeltzel
Colleen and Mark Holmes
Julie Holt
Joan Honeyman
Phoebe Honig
William and Judith Hopper
Robert and Lynne Horvath
Elliott Hunnewell
Alvin Inniss
George and Carol Jacobstein
Barbara Jacoby
Helga Kaiser
Philip and Rhoda Kaminstein
David and Laura Kattan
Ofer and Dara Kaufman
Sandra Kaufman
Angela King
John and Judy Kittredge
Phyllis and Harvey Klein
Alison and James Kolesar
Edwin and Roz Kolodny
Chet and Carol Kolton
Jeff Konowitch and Wendy Laurin
Sarah Kostanski
Patricia Krol
Willa Kuh
Raymond and Elaine Kushi
Richard and Joyce Lacatell
Peter and Roberta Lafayette
Clare Lahey
Nancy Lamoureaux
Fred and Brenda Landes
Bonnie LaPierre
Marilyn Larkin
Edith LaSala
Lee Audio ‘N Security
Robert and Elaine Lee
Kay Lerner
Linda Lerner
Richard and Barbara Litt
Martin Lizt
Kristen Lochrie and Scott M. Rubinow
Lombardi, Clairmont & Keegan
Kenneth and Janice Longstreeth
Erika Lynn
Charles and Sandra Magnesio
Barbara Mahony
Barbara Malkas
Albert and Lorraine Mancuso
Irving Marks and Alice Nathan
Stuart and Ellen Masters
William Matthiesen
James and Mary Maxymillian
Tracy McConnell
William and Ann McLaren
Becky and Roy McNiven
Sigrid McWilliams
Lisa Messina
Basil and Jennifer Michaels
Arthur and Sara Milano
Kathleen and Joel Millonzi
Moldmaster Engineering
Cheryl Mollnow
Leslie Morris
Susan Mower
June Mufatti
David Mullins
Mary Jo Murphy
Frank Napolitano
Alexander and Judith Nardacci
Robert Nason and Lisa Sloane
Kathy Naventi Brown
Harold and Joan Nelson
James and Floydette Nesti
Lois Neumann and Susan Wojtasik
Barry and Ellen Nigrosh
Northampton Area Pediatrics
Lesley Oransky
Tina Packer
Elaine Padilla
Bobbi Paley
Richard and Mary Palmer
Suzanne Pelissier
Lauren Pellegrino*
Larry and Jane Pellish
Doane Perry and Karen Carmean
Cynthia Petersen
Tina Petricca
Wendy Philbrick and Edward Baptiste
Walter and Barbara Pickwell
Pierce Machine Company
Priscilla Pike
James and Barbara Pistrang
David Placzek
Sara Pollard
Michael Posner and Carol Owen
Dennis Powell
Daniel Prindle
Purple Plume
Estelle Quain
Kathryn Quattrochi
Judith Reichert
Richard and Linda Rendine
F. Peter and Mary Rentz
Betty Rich*
Josephine Riley
Richard and Paula Rivers
Phyllis Rivlin
Paul and Elaine Rocheleau
Adele Rodbell
Mary and Dean Rogeness
Leonard and Elizabeth Rosenfeld
Joseph and Colleen Rossi
James Ruberto
Milt Rubin
Susan and Jeremy Rudd
Jane Ryan
Parvis Sadighi
Jane Salata
Joseph and Patricia Salvadore
Arlene Salzberg
Sam’s Outdoor Outfiters
Harriet Samuels
Dawn Scaparotti
Beatrice Selig
Elenore Selin
Anthony Sexton
Susan Shabler
Edward and Ann Shanahan
Donald and Arlene Shapiro
Stanley and Ruth Shapshay
Bruce and Barbara Shickmanter
Shooting Star Dance Center
Claudia Shuster
Carol Silverman
Anna and Don Singleton
South Congregational Church
Lia Spiliotes
Lauren Spitz
Hayley Spizz
Elaine St. Onge and Wesley Sargent
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
Peter and Abbe Steinglass
Elizabeth Stell
Chelly and Lance Sterman
Donald and Ellen Stiles
Stockbridge Gas
Judith Stolzberg
Sharon Strassfeld and Michael Ramella
Joseph and Elizabeth Strauch
Benjamin Strauss
Judith Strull
Benjamin and Charlotte Sullivan
Paul and Lenore Sundberg
David and Lois Swawite
Matthew and Lisa Swedis
Alfred and Lois Symonds
Stephanie Talanian
Jean Talarico and John Weslowski
Melinda Tanzman
Peggy Thieriot
Peter and Laurie Thomsen
Timothy and Kristen Burke
James and Maryellen Tremblay
Grant and Joan Turner
United Cerebral Palsy of Berkshire County
Nancy Vale
Edward* and Marjorie Van Dyke
Madeleine Victor-Pieczarka
Barbara Viniar
Abbie Von Schlegell
Robert and Carolyn Wallace
Stephen and Marlene Walt
Robert and Catherine Walter
Edward and Judy Warren
Jeffrey and Stacey Weber-Gillis
Donald Weisberg
Julie Weiss
Claudia Wells
Thomas and Susan Werman
West Stockbridge Grange
Westhampton Congregational Church
Harriet Wetstone
Peter and Jean Whitehead
Robert and Jane Willis
Tracy Wilson and David Wampler
Windy Hill Farm
Howard and Deborah Wineberg
Natalie Witaszek
Stephen and Sally Wittenberg
Wohrle’s Foods
Worthington Golf Club
Steve and Mary Yarmosky
Phillip and Sylvia Yedinsky
Katherine and David Yon
Jeremy and Kathryn Yudkin
Manuel and Judy Yvars
Lawrence Zacharias and Cathy Schoen
Peter and Nancy Zawistowski
Lois Zdroykowski
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
Linda Zukowski
Gail Zunz
Sharyn Zunz

In Kind

Chris Barash
Bella Flora
Berkshire Community College
The Berkshire Eagle
Berkshire Medical Center Recreation Association
Berkshire Music School
Berkshire Theatre Group
BMC Surgical Department
Boston University Tanglewood Institute
Ellen Boyd
Camp Romaca
Chocolate Springs
Leora Cook-Dubin
Eversource Energy
Terence Flynn and Gwen Glasser
Friends of the Berkshire Athenaeum
Martha Gayner
Jessica Jackson Photography LLC
Isabell Kaplan
Kelly’s Package Store
Lee Council on Aging
Donna Lefkowitz
Massachusetts Cultural Council
George Moran and April Jenkins
Oak N’ Spruce Resort
Deval and Diane Patrick
Red Hat Mama’s
Pamela Sarmiento
Sharon Siegel
St. Helena’s Chapel
Amanda Steben
Stop & Shop
Tyler and Pine
Donations in memory of Betty Rich
David and Diane Agar
Katherine Barton
Christopher and Joan Ciolfi
Charles and Frances Conaghan
C. Jeffrey and Judith Cook
Christopher and Veronica Fenton
Steffi Fletcher
David Handler
Fred and Brenda Landes
Dennis and Judtih Mareb
Robert Nason and Lisa Sloane
Gloria Pixley
Sara Secunda
Shifman Mattress Company
Carole G. Siegel
Melvin and Marilyn Somes
Patricia Trotti
Natalya and Sergey Yantovsky

Local Funding

Beacon Communities
Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation
Berkshire United Way
Boston Alliance for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Youth
Brien Center
Clinical and Support Options (CSO)
Hampshire United Way
Northern Berkshire United Way
Treehouse Foundation
Williamstown Community Chest

Public Funding

Berkshire County Juvenile Court
City of North Adams
City of Pittsfield
MA Children’s Trust Fund
MA Cultural Council
MA Department of Children and Families
MA Department of Early Education and Care
MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
MA Department of Public Health
New England Farm Workers Council
Northern Berkshire Cultural Council
Pittsfield Cultural Council
Town of Williamsburg

Thank You
We are deeply grateful for your generous support
of 18 Degrees.