Mentoring Creates Meaningful Connections

In honor of National Mentoring Month, we celebrate the countless contributions and lifelong positive impact our mentors have on area youth. These powerful relationships have the ability to improve academic, social, and economic prospects and make youth more likely to have safer, healthier, and more prosperous lives.  

Mentor Reflections

My own children are adults now. I enjoy mentoring because it helps me stay connected to youth and in touch with what life may be like for a young person in today’s world.  When we share a good laugh it makes me happy. I appreciate how I can see life through a different set of eyes. Lynn, PCC Mentor

Becoming a mentor for me started with wanting to give back. Little did I know when I started, that I would receive so much more than I would give. My relationship with my mentee is one built on trust, confidence, guidance, and most of all, fun! It took time to build, as it does with any relationship of value, but it’s been almost two years now, and we still look forward to getting together each week – whether to do a special planned activity or just to hang out and go for a walk. We’ve also developed some fun little rituals, like ending our time together with a brisk (especially in winter!) walk at Clapp Park. We cheer each other’s accomplishments and joke around a lot, and share difficulties that come up in our daily lives. Although our discussions are age-appropriate, I had forgotten (and maybe never realized) the wisdom and clarity that only a 12-year-old can possess. I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate and enjoy this humbling and rewarding experience. – Amy, PCC Mentor

Serving as a mentor to a young adolescent has not only been a very rewarding experience but has also brought a tremendous amount of joy into both of our lives. I am fortunate to have as a mentee an intelligent, curious, and fun-loving girl who enthusiastically participates in the activities we do together. Whether we are walking on the rail trail, going to the library, or eating ice cream, these ordinary everyday outings become so special when shared with my mentee. We talk a lot, laugh a lot, and teach each other a great deal about the world we live in.  

Perhaps one of the most delightful afternoons we spent together took place on a summer day in late August. My mentee had asked me on several occasions if we could go swimming in a pool—what a great activity for a very hot day just before the opening of school. When we arrived at the pool, I did not know quite what to expect. She was very excited not only to see the size of the pool but also to see that it had a diving board. She looked at me and said,  “Are you going to swim with me?” Of course I said “yes.” My mentee was a good swimmer and quickly asked me if she could go off the diving board. I said I would go up and watch her. At first, my mentee was slightly nervous, but I encouraged her to try to jump first. She took a couple of jumps off the board, and then she said, “Do you think I can dive?” After a little more encouragement, she did. After two or three dives, my mentee came over to me and said, “O.K., it is your turn.”  I was slow to answer as it had been at least 40 years since I went off a diving board. I told her I was reluctant to do this, but she continued to coax me, saying,  “I know you can do it!”  I finally agreed to dive off of the side of the pool. She cheered me on, and subsequently, I had to do it several more times. By the end of the day, we were doing somersaults and handstands underwater. We had so much fun that neither of us wanted to leave. We left feeling exhausted but laughing all the way home, promising each other that we would do this again next summer. – Colleen, PCC Mentor

I am grateful for my mentoring experience. Walking alongside youth, lighting dark pathways so they may see what’s ahead, helping them up should they stumble, and encouraging them to discover the best version of themselves along their journey. 

Enjoying knowing I was part of their amazing adventure. -Gail, PCC Mentor

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1 in 3 young people are growing up without a mentor, someone outside of their family who they can turn to for support and guidance. This National Mentoring Month, learn how you can help close that mentoring gap by contacting our Mentor Coordinator, Gail today!

“There are no words to express how critical to the life of the youth we work with it is to have a mentor, an adult that has no ask of this youth other than forming a relationship and that small gesture is the catalyst that helps with their upward mobility. To all mentors, thank you for all you do. You are truly changing the world by impacting one life at a time.”

Ginger Cruz-Rosario, Case Manager for PCC 

“I am always in awe of the selfless contributions of our amazing mentors. They continually give of their time and talents to our young program participants, form bonds that often last years and memories that last a lifetime.”

– Gary Doughty, Senior Director of Youth Connection Programs