Staff Spotlight, August 2020: Marisa Papallo

By: Cassandra Pugh, Program Director, Family Resource Center

Marisa Papallo started her journey with 18 Degrees on December 5, 2016, and what a journey it has been! Staff quickly recognized her potential as she performed various tasks, which led to wearing many hats without skipping a beat, and with dedication and pride. Marisa approaches each new responsibility as an opportunity to learn and grow. Marisa has a soft spot for kids; she loves to teach, explore, and create new things with them, which made her the perfect person to be working with the kids in our childcare department.

Fast forward to the Family Resource Center (FRC); this live firecracker came into our department with energy, compassion, and an eagerness to learn.  As the School Liaison, this was a new and unfamiliar territory to explore, but she was up for the task.  Marisa hit the ground running. At times, I was wondering if she was training for the Olympics.  I have learned that her greatest opponent is herself, meaning; she is always trying to be better than the person she was from the day before, always searching for the answer to questions or searching for the missing piece of the puzzle.  Marisa is very outgoing, caring, dependable, trustworthy, and has a heart of gold.  We are spotlighting Marisa because she represents the core values of this agency.

Marisa continues to demonstrate our four Compass Points daily, which are:

Integrity – Marisa is always doing the right thing and is aware of the expectations that are placed on her shoulders.  Marisa prides herself on leading by example, which is her motto.

Accountability – Marisa values her word, so if she says she will do something or be somewhere, you can count on her to carry out her obligations.  Marisa is very thorough in the information that she gives, especially in her daily reporting and meeting all deadlines.

Better Together – Marisa has a generous and loving spirit; she will attempt to cheer you up when you are feeling down, willing to listen even when she has 1,001 things to do, and is always ready to lend a helping hand.  Marisa always takes the time to give families and coworkers the supports that they need at that time.

Courage – Marisa took her new position and said, “Let me be the best that I can be.  I may not have all the answers, but I will search for the answers and help you and your family to the best of my abilities”.   Marisa does not have a problem saying, “I am sorry, I thought I could help, or I am sorry I did not know.”  She is the first to say, I made a mistake, and I will do better next time.  There is power in a person’s words.

I am honored to have this energized, strong, and forthright individual on our team.  Marisa brightens our workspace with her warmth, compassion, generosity, laughter, creativity, and love for life.  I am excited to see where her journey takes her at 18 Degrees.