Staff Spotlight, August 2022: Beth Gilbert

By: Ginger Cruz-Rosario, Team Lead for Pittsfield Community Connection  

Beth joined Pittsfield Community Connection (PCC) at the height of the pandemic. She did not let the challenges of social distancing stop her from engaging youth and working to provide the interpersonal connections they so desperately needed in this time of isolation. In the spring of 2021, 18 Degrees opened a site to specifically meet the needs of our young people. Beth was instrumental in assisting the greater PCC team in developing workshops that followed COVID protocols so that we could safely invite young people into the new space to participate in social activities and connect with our team. 

One of Beth’s most prominent strengths is building close connections with each participant. She has utilized her skills and creativity to form those trusting relationships that allow young people to find their way to new beginnings. She explores new ways to make those connections. For example, she took a fitness class to better help promote healthy choices for the young people she serves.  

Beth knows there are many behind-the-scenes components that make our work together successful. From making our space at 703 West Housatonic St a welcoming environment to handling various office duties that keep our team running efficiently, she has demonstrated that she is continually using the agency compass points, namely “Better Together”. She embodies this compass point by working with the entire PCC team and administration to ensure the office has what it needs while also maintaining close connections with colleagues and advocates for the youth she serves.