Staff Spotlight, February 2022: Aaron Piziali

By: Danielle DeBerry, Program Director, Greenfield Family Networks

Aaron Piziali is an Education Coordinator with Greenfield Family Networks. He returned to this position at 18 Degrees in 2017, and since that time, it is clear that Family Networks has been fortunate to have him back. His passion to serve the youth and families within the program is clear through his dedication to and advocacy for providing the highest quality and most well-informed service possible. He is responsive and supportive, and his quick wit is sure to lighten some of the toughest of days.

Being charged with ensuring the educational needs of the youth in the Family Networks services and placements are met is no easy task, but Aaron does this with ease. He is calm, compassionate, an advocate and advisor, and, so importantly, a team player. In Aaron’s role, he interfaces with every level of stakeholder, from a concerned parent to the Department of Children and Families Central Office Management. His calm, cool, and civil manners are the characteristics needed for the role. His humor, creativity, and excellent office plant watering skills are only some of the many reasons Family Networks is grateful to have him on the team.