Staff Spotlight, July 2021: Sean Elligers

By: Courtney Clark, Artistic Director

Just as Kids 4 Harmony is more than music lessons, Sean Elligers is more than a music teacher. Sean combines musicianship with his talents in videography and photography that strengthen our program of social change through music. He is a driving force of our Virtual Gala, providing concepts, content, and creativity! During COVID, string lessons were nearly impossible for our young students – how can you teach an eight-year-old to hold a violin correctly without physically placing their hands and arms in the correct position! He concentrated on activities and lessons that made our students feel successful. He incorporated story-telling, music composition, art, and music theory into creative projects that can be seen throughout the Virtual Gala.

Sean is a role model and a mentor to our students. He is calm, kind, and patient. He engages with students between lessons, and they often seek him out for advice with their lessons and life. He consistently looks for creative ways to make lessons fun and challenging – guiding students to do more than they thought possible. Outside of Kids 4 Harmony, Sean is a jazz musician. This improvisational style of music truly helps him adapt to new challenges as they arise. His adaptability was critical to our success over this past year. Sean is an invaluable member of our team!