Staff Spotlight, May 2021: Joe Pietras

By: Alison Mengel, Program Director of Healing Homes

Joe brings great positive energy and a sense of humor to our team when it is needed most. Importantly, he keeps in mind that the primary relationship within the Case Manager/Child/Foster Parent triad is the Case Manager’s relationship with the Foster Parent. It can be easy to align with the child. However, without a solid relationship with the parent, it is difficult to affect consistent progress. Working with many diverse personality styles can be challenging. Yet Joe learns by observation and establishes excellent relationships with foster parents. He is supremely polite and respectful. “His” foster parents often “reserve a table” with him, back in the days when we actually had in-person occasions. Joe is thoughtful, approaching each case with sensitivity and care. He freely pitches in, lending a hand to his colleagues when in need.

Joe sees the good in all people. He has a great sense of humor and has fun with the foster parents and with the children. He builds unique relationships, encouraging self-confidence, and self-efficacy.

Joe enjoys getting away to spend time with his family in New Hampshire. He also enjoys road-tripping to surprise his brother at his restaurant in Rhode Island. Joe is a Madonna devotee. He enjoys a nice cup of coffee in his Marilyn Monroe mug.