Staff Spotlight, November 2021: Rachel Slack

By: Alison Mengel, Director of Permanency

Rachel Slack joined the Adoption Management Systems program in July of 2021 and proved to be a perfect match since her arrival.  Creating a permanency plan requires her to work with many people and within multiple systems. Throughout the process, Rachel is responsive, cooperative, and keeps the well-being of children and families in focus. She has been a great addition to our small but mighty team, volunteering to help whenever needed.   

She is energetic, motivated, and tenacious. Rachel is a strong advocate for the children and families we serve A proponent for constant improvement of the childwelfare system, Rachel is not afraid to name a subpar practice when it exists and work to remedy it. Her hilarious sense of humor helps to temper a contentious discussion and provides needed levity.   She has brought fresh energy and a spark to our team.  

Rachel is a graduate student at Westfield State University, obtaining her Master’s Degree in Social Work. She is also completing an internship at Clinical Support Options in Florence, MA.  

Rachel starts her day with her dogs, Phineas Zimbardo (after Phineas Gage and Zimbardo of the Stanford Prison Experiment) and Sadie enjoying a brisk, one-and-a-half-hour walk. As she pursues a day in the field, she is on watch for a good coffee place to keep her going. It all works.