Staff Spotlight, November 2022: Alison Mengel

By Stephanie Steed, Vice President of Programs

Alison is a reflection of how empathy blended with clinical expertise results in a commitment to do what’s best. Through negotiation and problem-solving, she has helped children and families navigate the child welfare system on their paths to permanency. Alison knows the value of enriching activities and positive connections, which shows through her advocacy and search to find (and fund!) opportunities for those in the permanency programs. She is an experienced supervisor who is resourceful, approachable, and invested in the success and professional development of her team members. Alison believes that every person has a strength and a skill – she enjoys working with people to help them uncover what those strengths and talents are. Alison sets a great example for all colleagues with her steadfast practices and welcoming approach that advances the mission and vision of 18 Degrees.