Staff Spotlight, September 2020: Katie Haviland

By: Pam Preston and Elise Weller, Program Directors, Child Care

We are celebrating ten years with Katie in our Child Care Program.  Katie is committed to providing the children and our staff with a nutritionally balanced and creative menu.  Katie’s love of cooking shines through on the faces and in the bellies of our kids.  We love to see Katie smile as she hears the children’s excitement for “Pasta Day”.  During the break of regular child care services due to COVID, Katie created a weekly recipe piece called “Katie’s Kitchen Minute” that we ran on our BAND app to share with our families.  This included recipes that the children would remember from school and ways that their families could share nutritional values and special time with their children.

But wait.  Don’t think yummy food is all that Katie brings to the table.  Over the past two years, Katie has jumped in to assist with our food budget and management.  Katie’s knowledge and expertise in nutrition and program requirements are invaluable.  Most days, there are up to 155 children and 30 staff members she provides with breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.  Along with this comes the responsibility of allergies and food intolerances that she continues to accommodate effortlessly.

A lot of creativity, thoughtfulness, and planning goes into each and every meal, menu, and food order.  Katie will tell you how fortunate she is to have a Monday through Friday job to use her culinary skills and do what she loves; “it is a blessing.”

Speaking for the children, families, and staff at 18 Degrees: We have the real blessing in Katie.

Happy 10th anniversary, Katie.  Here’s to many more.

Thank you,

Pam, Elise & the 18 Degrees Child Care Team