YouthLaunch 3-year Impact Report

YouthLaunch Report

Download our 3-Year Program Report

The YouthLaunch program was a three-year pilot that focused on early engagement for families with children zero to ten years old. Using a holistic approach with the EMPath Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath) model, we further integrated a focus on parent and child interactions, as well as early and preliteracy skills for children, including cultural enrichment activities to foster overall well-being.

EMPath is an evidence-informed, brain science-based approach to help coach families to move out of poverty and toward self-sufficiency. We implement this model to help families think about their lives across the four areas of the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency.

This multifaceted tool serves as a conversation guide as well as a means for assessment and tracking progress. These self-administered Bridge assessments help participants identify strengths and obstacles to success.

Thanks to the funding we received, YouthLaunch had an incredible three years, with 100% of surveyed participants strongly agreeing with the statement, “As a participant of the EMPath program, my life is changing for the better.” We welcome you to read the full report to see how our families took small steps to reach big goals.