Staff Spotlight, December 2020: Paula McDermott

By: John Cadiz, Director of Human Resources

Quiet, shy, and humble, Paula sets the standard for our accountability compass point. She is the calm, collected backbone for the employee lifecycle of every staff person who arrives or departs from 18 Degrees. Paula’s amazing time management skills mask the monumental volume of detailed paperwork that passes across her desk from the first acknowledgment of your resume submission to sending you COBRA information and closing out your file when you walk out the door. She is always flexible and willing to step up to the plate for a new challenge, whether it is learning new technology or filling in when the agency was between HR Directors. Paula is the magic behind the curtain that keeps us supported to do our work. Paula is an invaluable asset to the organization not just in her work, but also in her vast institutional knowledge from over 40 years of dedicated service to the agency and its mission.