Staff Spotlight, November 2020: Marylou Spaulding

By: Linda-Jeanne Mack, Director of Adoption Management Services

In honor of National Adoption Month, our team would like to honor Marylou Spaulding, Administrative Coordinator, and the queen of our West Springfield Office. Marylou has always done a lot for us…fixed our computers, been our “Gatekeeper” for state administrative tasks, and listened to our frustrations when we couldn’t make our software work. However, now that we’re working remotely, I don’t know how we’d survive without her!

She prints our documents, she calls us when our packages come, and she helps us with creative solutions that serve our families. For instance, she has helped develop ideas for creating physical space, so family visitation can occur socially distant and has helped us to get time-sensitive medical documents signed for the children in our program when we’re not at the office to receive them. Marylou has truly been the backbone of not just our adoption team but our entire West Springfield office, especially during COVID19. Without Marylou, we literally could not do our job, and we cannot thank her enough!