Staff Spotlight, February 2021: Jay Howard

By: Leanne Yinger, Network Director

Jay Howard- that name conjures up many adjectives: easy-going, informed, funny, diligent, and cooperative.  He has demonstrated these and others in his ten-year career with 18 Degrees as the Educational Coordinator for Family Networks in Berkshire County. When families are working with the Department of Children and Families (DCF), they are often at a loss of how to access the services they need to be successful.  Jay and the team at Family Networks create the bridges to services that families need.  Jay helps develop plans for children and families, specifically their educational needs.  In addition, he offers leadership and direction to the team and establishes a cooperative relationship with DCF and community providers.

Jay has shared his expertise as the Education Coordinator for Family Networks since the inception of the program. His approachable nature generates a cooperative atmosphere for DCF and Family Networks staff to problem solve and find solutions for families together.  Jay provides guidance to social workers, so they can engage effectively with school systems and provide information for various Individualized Education Plan (IEP) processes.  Jay is a strong advocate for youth, a wise mentor, and an invaluable part of the Family Networks Team!

In his personal life, Jay enjoys spending time with his grandson Ryan and his wife, Debbie. He loves music and was generous to share this photo of himself playing around on his guitar. Jay enjoys walking his dogs (often several miles daily) and golfing.