Staff Spotlight, January 2021: Gail Krumpholz

By: Gary Doughty, Director of Youth Connection Programs

Gail has been a mentor since 2015 and continues mentoring a young man. Gail was hired by 18 Degrees in 2017 to become the Mentor Coordinator for Pittsfield Community Connection (PCC). Gail brings a unique perspective to the job, being a mentor herself, and knowing first hand some of the challenges our mentors and mentees face. All of our mentors have come to trust and rely on Gail for her support and sage counsel.

Gail hosts a monthly meeting with the Mentors and case managers for the PCC team and is always on “speed dial” for our mentors and mentees. Gail is always involved in recruiting mentors ( so if you know anyone interested, see Gail) and providing training. Gail is quite the proud mother of a daughter who has recently presented Gail with her first granddaughter, Layla.

We could not be more pleased to have Gail on the team. She is a knowledgeable and trusted colleague and teammate. Congratulations, Gail, you deserve the SPOTLIGHT!